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Artistic Landscaping

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“First we listen.” says Patrick Dyck. “That’s when we begin to form a picture of what each client has in mind for their outdoor living space. For more than 35 years our teams have been designing and constructing people’s unique versions of paradise. Their dreams actually come to life.” The team consultation approach at Artistic Landscaping sets the stage for on-site organization and coordination so that no detail is overlooked.

The team consultation approach at Artistic Landscaping sets the stage for on-site organization and coordination so that no detail is overlooked.

Fresh Thinking

One important aspect of designs from Artistic Landscaping is the stretching into all seasons. A great designer always considers creating a12 month space; not just for summer. Heraclitus once said, “The only thing permanent is change.” When you apply that thinking to your outdoor space, you begin to design not only for 4 season usage, but also with the future in mind; not only for the weather but also for different functions and sources of enjoyment that come with time. People change ... and their expectations of ideal outdoor living follows. There should be a simple way to adjust that space as time passes to match the shifting attitudes and desires of those who inhabit it. Many clients seek change and look for ways to enhance their dream every year, continually adjusting their outdoor experience. Thinking about the future before it arrives, ensures the quality and the longevity of our creative designs. It also allows for a 1 - 5 year plan that encourages the innovative use of materials and makes the design elements more affordable.

Plan for Change

As Juanita points out, “The client excitement that infects our whole team, culminates in a finished space that is perfect for the client... and can change as the family becomes larger or smaller. Since we understand the inevitable drive to shift space to accommodate change of usage and fresh thinking, our designs of today set the groundwork that easily accommodates the future. We’re right there when new ideas have motivated our clients to re-ignite their space.” That’s value.

An analysis of Artistic Landscaping projects completed during the last 12 months shows the results of their superb workmanship, efficiency and forward thinking. Business from existing clients accounted for 65% of the activity. That’s not just loyalty. It’s also a solid indication of trust and of meeting high service expectations. People believe in the values that drive Artistic Landscaping; the values that are deeply imbedded in every project by everyone who works here. The smiles that beam from clients entering their exciting outdoor space for the first time are contagious. “It’s a great reward,” says Pat, “when we watch people step into their dream. It’s perfect for them because they worked with our specialists every step of the way. It suits them and their lifestyle. Their space welcomes them home every day to the comfort and peace of mind that they sought. We’ve helped them make it their own and put their personal stamp on it. It is one of a kind, like no other.”