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Waterloo Region Water Services

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Neil Robinson of Borealis is happy to share the story. “One of our cornerstones at Borealis Grille & Bar is to pay close attention to the environment. As a priority, it’s right up there with ‘the best possible customer experience.’ When Wayne Brabazon from the region stopped by to explain the Water Efficient Technology Program (WET), we listened.”

Stars Aligned

Wayne outlined their intention to support all restaurants as part of the Region’s Water Efficiency Master Plan (2015-2025). Borealis Grille & Bar, Kitchener, and four other restaurants were recently certified: East Side Mario’s, King St. Waterloo; Charcoal Steakhouse, Kitchener; Angie’s, Erb St., Waterloo; Tim Horton’s, Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge.

All of these restaurants were eager to participate, not simply because they saved money, but also because they believe in supporting community and preserving the environment. As Neil puts it, “We’re proud of our reputation. Water efficiency fits right in with our obligation to do the best we can in all of our restaurants. In order to achieve certification, the region helped us to analyze our water bills and compare before and after water flow; engage an engineering firm to complete energy and water audits; replace pre-rinse spray valves with efficient models; educate staff on conservation; install water efficient faucet aerators and ensure equipment suppliers install energy and water efficient models. And it paid off!”

When you enter any of these certified restaurants you’ll see table cards and notices that celebrate their commitment to ongoing water efficiency. As Regional Chair Ken Seiling says, “A wide variety of initiatives are promoted regularly throughout Waterloo Region with a clear focus on the environment and on the future. Water conservation and efficiency is an important part of that for all of us. The Water Services team delivers programs for residents, businesses, industries and institutions.”


Evidence of progress continues to build and accolades for the Region’s Water Services Division show that people are paying attention. The Ontario Water Works Association presented the team with its coveted Award of Excellence at their annual conference for the success of the Restaurant/Business Certification program. And more restaurants are now requesting the opportunity to be water efficiency certified. It not only directly impacts the bottom line, it’s also good community stewardship.

“Helping everyone reduce water usage is our primary goal,” says Water Efficiency Technologist Wayne Brabazon. “With improved technology and consciousness we’ve actually experienced a reduction in water use as population increases. That’s encouraging but we remain committed to further gains. Our research helps us discover other communities around the world who have implemented creative solutions that may present opportunities for Waterloo Region.

We’re actively stepping into our community with solutions. We aim to engage people by introducing efficient technologies, education support and funding options to support their stewardship goals. We’re not waiting for the future. We’re excited about the dramatic results we’ve achieved by delivering the future right now!”