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During my conversation with Peter and Todd Cober (father and son), I began to understand their vision. I nodded unconsciously as they filled in the concepts and spoke of a particular client who has fully embraced the Cober Way. It’s based on the idea that all aspects of communication in every company should be connected.

Beginning with the ‘what’ of strategy, they seek every single opportunity to apply their experience, skills and innovative technology to integrate the ‘how’ of logistics and communications for the future. From traditional warehousing and transportation to dynamic social media and strong corporate culture; from creative print to active web surprises.

The Cober Way

“What won’t you do for your clients?” became the question. Todd quickly replied, “Nothing. The more we do for them, the better the results. How can we promise our best efforts if we’re not listening and contributing to the whole enterprise?”

One of Cober’s long term print clients asked for help identifying and coordinating all communications. The expertise and advice this client received from Cober over time had gradually affected many components of their company. They trusted Cober and they valued the imagination that Cober brought to every challenge. Now it was time to connect everything for everyone’s benefit; for all stakeholders with a strong focus on current and future clients.

Once you've clearly defined your path, Cober brings to bear all of their skills and imagination to the tactics of getting there. Then it will flow. You become connected in all that you do, all that you imagine, all that you feel and all that you plan to accomplish. It’s like watching your home transform into the dream you seek, without leaving home ... and there’s no mess! Before you fully grasp it, you’re living in your future.

Cober knew how to affect the connectivity and flow of a successful business because they lived it. The Cober Way was built on their own drive to assess and to innovate; a looping process that never ends.

Innovation Foundation

The success of Cober during the last 100 years is now being shared with others. It all began with Todd’s Great Grandfather, Vernon Cober, who owned a grocery store in Kitchener. The store was doing well but he felt the bottom line would be better served if he could only get the word out to more people. Vernon bought a printing press so he could spread the word. The culture of innovation began and never stopped; now in the fourth generation. It’s like breathing.

Picture a stunningly colourful, perpetually shifting shape that draws you to create your own beautifully active flow that invites others to engage with your company, your vision, your people, your products and your services. You’re pictured as an enterprise that has it all together. You are a magnet.

Cober is nothing short of inspirational. I could feel it while listening to two generations of the Cober family whose eyes glistened proudly as they spoke of their extended family of dedicated staff. As Todd says, “It’s the people who work at Cober with such pride in their jobs and high expectations of themselves that set the stage for continuing innovation and growth. Thanks to them, the future is bright for Cober and for all of us who believe in Cober!”