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Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort

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The first thing I noticed about Chicopee was the attitude. Even though I was a stranger, everyone met me with a warm smile and greeting. When I mentioned this to CEO Bill Creighton, his smile widened. I certainly felt like I belonged here in this vibrant community asset.

The second thing that hit me was how active Chicopee is during the warmer months. They call it the 'Green Season'. There are many opportunities for all ages of groups, families and individuals in Spring, Summer and Fall. One popular event that is hosted here is the Mighty Machines show that's designed to make you feel like you're actually inside a huge sandbox, whatever age of kid you are.

Full summer programs include adventure camps, mountain biking, beach volleyball leagues, disc golf and tennis.

It's likely no surprise the winter season is also alive with over 150,000 ski visits per year; skiers who are thrilled that such a great experience is right here, in our own community. Many had their first downhill thrill at Chicopee; some as toddlers and some who went on to compete in the Olympics!

Bill Creighton is on a mission. "Our goal at Chicopee is to ensure that every child in Waterloo Region gets to feel the thrill of skiing! We're connecting with school boards, integrating skiing into school programs, for the health of it. It get's the heart going. No one denies that. Skiing is much more than a sport. It's a lifestyle... that everyone can enjoy."

Events for Every Occasion

If you're hosting a celebration or fund raiser, try something different. Chicopee has 165 acres to explore and a large chalet that can easily accommodate up to 250 of your closest friends. Many memorable weddings have been hosted in the spacious great room that features an impressive fireplace, big view windows and a massive deck with a rare view of nature in the city. It's an event designer's paradise with professionals available to help with just the right touches for your event. From casual to formal business meetings, banquets, birthdays, school groups, corporate announcements... anything you decide is worthy of celebration... consider the stressless organization skills of our staff. No worries.

Just for Fun. Not for Profit.

As Bill says, "We're here to serve the community in the most enjoyable way possible. To make sure we thrive, we take special care to be fiscally responsible. Having a carefully selected Board of Directors helps to keep us on track as a successful organization."

There are families who've been skiing here for generations. What began with a few friends in 1934 has morphed into a four season celebration of many, who bond and develop lifetime friendships. You can stand in the chalet in the summer overlooking the lifts and the hills and the beauty of it all and imagine the excitement over the decades. Right here. The closest skiing to your home. And if you listen very carefully it's not difficult to imagine the excited call that began it all... "Let's go skiing!"