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When I sit back to consider all of the fine people I’ve met in the pursuit of sharing local Top Notch stories each year, I smile. In my search for profiles to present to you, the Top Notch audience, I’ve found many businesses and organizations who are dedicated to serving our incredible community. Their attitude is refreshing and inspirational. Their work ethic sets a good example for anyone who takes the time to look and listen. Their leadership benefits all who believe in them. They are committed to being the best at what they do. They have helped me grow as I sought the roots of their success and wrote their stories.

Our Fabric

These leaders continue to build on the tradition of excellence and innovation that’s the foundation of our community. The heart of the matter is the feeling that there’s something special going on here. Wherever you go you’ll find good people doing good work. Read these stories with pride because you’ve helped bring them the success that encouraged them to continue to weave strong threads into the fabric of all that we are... for the benefit of those who follow. And so it grows.

We are now a tribe of many nations, each contributing their essence to broaden our perspective. When it comes right down to it, we’ve come to believe in the goodness of people. That in itself sets us apart from many. Honour and pride both reside deep inside. In that we share.


The excellent images of Top Notch are from the good eye of Terry Scott White, of TSW Photography who, despite his shenanigans that continue to catch me off guard, is a good fellow who brings people to the comfort of who they really are in his photos.

Audra Noble of Bam Creative Services is a perfectionist who assembles all of the pieces to present the finished jig saw puzzle that is no longer a puzzle.

The good folks of Cober present in Top Notch, one of the best examples of their work. Bill Wood and family of Active Promotions deliver Top Notch with speed and accuracy to 30,000 homes each Spring.

Me? I will continue to hone my skills as the writer and to manage the annual production as publisher of Top Notch. It’s the best I can do. I will also be perfecting the art of nothing on the beach of Port Dover. Tiny cottage. Huge view! The new owners of Top Notch are Pat and Juanita Dyck of Artistic Landscaping who are dedicated to continuing the top notch tradition that you have come to expect.

Looking forward,