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Lackner McLennan Insurance

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There’s a quiet comfort here. You feel it as you enter; like a buzz of beehive activity that you cannot hear and cannot see. It just is. More of a knowing and a certainty; a feeling that there’s a lot happening every minute of every business day ... and beyond. Silently efficient. Yes, you could hear a pin drop.

Beyond Expectations

It’s something special ... like a secret energy that’s unique in this industry, always in action, moving swiftly to deliver the best possible solutions to client calamities that arrive without fail every day. Companies of all sizes come here with high expectations of quality personal service. And they stay; many for decades.

Seventy years of dedication to our community brought Lackner McLennan to this point. A solid foundation of clients who understand their assets are well covered, and a staff that is eager to do their best, knowing that their loyalty is well appreciated and well rewarded.

CEO Dave Stark puts it this way, “We’re all proud of the foundation that our founders set in stone in 1946; a focus on integrity that will always guide us in all we do. We have an impressive history of serving our local business world and the world of business across Canada; decades of building on each success to achieve a client base now greater than 20,000, all the while carefully building a close-knit support staff; a family of professionals. An important key to our success is the value we place on each individual. As a growing company we must grow our staff. In the hiring process we are careful to seek professionals with experience but more importantly real humans with a healthy positive attitude that will be a good fit for our way of doing business.”

Taking Ownership

The stories are many at Lackner McLennan, with happy results of teams who gather to take control of recovery from calamity. They ‘own’ that project, opening their minds and collaborating to resolve all obstacles; an impressive history of serving the local business world, resulting in Lackner McLennan becoming the largest KW based commercial insurance brokerage firm, with an impressive 150 years combined experience in the team of partners you see here.

As you might guess from the smiles, Lackner McLennan is also a fun place to work; with seemingly unending support for community projects. From Random Acts of Kindness, to Women’s Crisis Centre, to Tournament of Hearts and Sunnyside Home Foundation; from Grand River and St. Mary’s Hospitals to earthquake victims’ support and the local Rotary shoebox initiative. As Senior Partner Cameron Yule says, “Many years ago we chose to focus primarily on health and children. That helped us be more efficient and needs-centred instead of giving little bits of money to anyone who asked. Now we’ve got it together and it’s resulted in many opportunities for every one of us to participate in strengthening the community that we love. There’s always an exciting atmosphere of fund raising activities; everyone participates and it’s not unusual for food to be involved. I like it!”

There’s a clear sense of pride at Lackner McLennan that comes from so many achievements in such a happy place to work and contribute.