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Paul Davis

road to recovery

“We’re here, in this issue of Top Notch, to tell our story, of course,” explains Glenn Wilkinson, “but also to share our excitement about our shift to a much broader scope of service; a shift that will bring us to many more doors, and possibly yours.” Stuff happens, the old saying goes, and when it does it’s usually unexpected. There’s that brief stunned moment when you discover two feet of sewage backed up in your basement, or half of your shingles gone with the monster wind that just blew through ... or both! So, you call your insurance broker and, likely as not, they call the recovery specialists at Paul Davis. Their job is to transform you from grief to grateful. And they do ... to much applause.

Looking Forward

Upon that solid base of experience serving others in dire straits, they’ve recently added First Priority Agreements where they monitor your property to catch problems before they get out of hand and look ahead to set clear plans for action in case of disaster. Just like your personal financial plan or personal wellness plan, Paul Davis helps families and businesses design preventative measures and priorities that preserve the state of your property and ensure a speedy recovery when the unexpected occurs.

One benefit of the First Priority Agreement approach is a close relationship with the clients who are eager to plan for the future and understand the value of regular reviews to reflect continual changes in weather patterns and inevitable changes in government regulations. Many companies are now mandating disaster recovery plans just like they did with fire escape plans. The stronger and less predictable Mother Nature is, the more disasters she causes, at forever increasing cost. Planning is prudent.

Other new services have been added that are a natural fit for Paul Davis including post construction cleanup, property monitoring and property management; being there to help avoid calamity in homes and industrial buildings. Also taking responsibility for multiple site projects like municipal government buildings, school boards and universities; designing premises safety and public safety plans and procedures.

A Fresh Look

“We’ve always thrived on change,” Glenn beams. “Every day opens the door to unusual challenges. Rarely are any two the same. We have to think fast and move fast, being conscious of every detail and the expectations of our clients. And now, whether preventative or restorative, we’re fully engaged with a fresh, broader perspective.”

Everyone at Paul Davis is also fully engaged in contributing to important community initiatives. The primary focus is on children and families. You can see it on their office walls, proudly decorated with photos of sports teams sponsored by the company. Their pride also shows in support of Lutherwood’s Families in Crisis program to prevent homelessness through the Raise the Roof project, and in everyone’s excitement about helping to build a home with Habitat for Humanity or hosting a silent auction to raise funds for Kidsability.

Paul Davis continues to pump heart into all that they do.