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Ear & Hearing

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“This is my passion,” smiles Juliane Shantz. “It’s so rewarding to have such a significant and immediate impact on people’s lives. Every smile I see leaving our office reminds me of the importance of the strong positive attitude, a hallmark of our clinic, that engages each client. That empathy is just as important as providing the best possible technology to address a wide variety of issues from ringing in the ear to gradual loss of hearing.”

It’s Personal

Imagine not being able to hear as well as you did in your thirties! From pediatric to geriatric, most of us experience hearing challenges at some point in our lives. With the focus on hearing of all ages, the professionals work with clients as young as 2 days in the infant hearing program and are dedicated to research and performing clinical trials to help develop the next generation of hearing instruments.

The well trained staff at the clinic includes 5 regulated audiologists who specialize in diagnosis and solutions for everyone. The large selection of aids for hearing provides choices of function and style from many manufacturers, including virtually invisible aids. Presenting a variety of aids is important, “since ears are like snowflakes... no two are the same.” Hairstyles also vary. Many men, for example, keep their hair cropped close along the sides. That’s why the clinic offers hearing aids that cannot be seen.


Many of the loyal clients of the Ear & Hearing Clinic didn’t go there for a hearing aid; they dropped in to see the magnificent space and to listen to the story. Juliane began her journey with 10 years of university education, earning her Doctorate of Audiology. With unwavering support from her parents, Orvie and Edith Shantz, Juliane set up business in their home. Mom was the receptionist and appointments took place in a nearby Doctor’s office. Now with three offices, in Elmira, Palmerston and Kitchener, the staff can easily service a large and growing clientele. And, as the word spreads, curiosity continues to bring new ears to the clinics regularly.

The main clinic sits proudly in the centre of Elmira; a landmark of the community that has served as the Police Station, Post Office and Town Hall during the last 120 years. Juliane repurposed the grand old building over an exciting 2 year period, ensuring ease of access and designs that make you take notice. The most comfortable elevator you’ve ever experienced, artifacts like the beautiful original safe door and the operating clock that takes 126 winds each week, all wrapped around state of the art technology, this incredible space treats you visually; a metaphor for the treat your ears will experience with the returning of lost sounds.

It all culminates in what’s been called a ‘Centre of Excellence’ by peers and visitors from around the world. The attention to detail in every aspect of the Ear & Hearing Clinic is without parallel... and wonderfully comforting. This space is for you.