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Suite 76

totally theresa

“Suite 76 is a definitive reflection of who I am; an example of what I do for others. But this one’s for me!,” Theresa explains with a glint in her eye. Her passion for interior design goes back as far as Theresa can remember. Her success is a result of helping others discover designs that are just right for the home they’ve selected. Theresa is a superb interior designer.

UpTown Delight

Jim Blight and Janet Lang are two of Theresa’s recent believers. “I couldn’t stop crying when I walked into our new space,” Janet admits. “It all began with a very enjoyable conversation with Theresa just before we went to Boston for 7 months, keeping in touch through email. The moment Jim and I entered our new home on return to Waterloo we were totally speechless. Only tears expressed my love for our home. Theresa had perfectly captured who we are in every detail ... while we were away!” Jim continued, “Most people fit into a space but, to our delight, Theresa turned that upside down and designed the space to fit us; simple, easy to maintain, earth tones, a clear sense of deliberate design, but subtle and calm. Perfect for us.”

Theresa began dreaming about spaces and how to affect them at the age of 8. It’s been her passion for many sleeps. Consciously and unconsciously she continually views spaces from varying points of view and function. It’s as if Theresa discovers puzzles and has great fun moving pieces and colours around in her mind, developing solutions for people who arrive on the doorstep of her Gallery Double T in UpTown Waterloo. A common lament of such new friends is, “We have a difficult space and need help!” It’s not uncommon to find people who don’t know what they don’t know, nor whom to trust.

People select Theresa.

Projects of Any Size

Many local homes and commercial properties have been dramatically transformed by Theresa. She’s proud of them all and happy to share testimonials from clients who live within the spaces she’s brought to life. A story in the March 2016 edition of Grand Magazine showcased Theresa’s skills in capturing the owners’ dreams. The reaction? “I have to pinch myself to believe that this is actually our home. Thank you so much for understanding who we are!”

The first large project Theresa developed from scratch was designing and supervising construction of her own 4,000 square foot Double T Gallery. One of her smaller beauties that is equally incredible is Suite 76, one of the original houses on Regina Street and the site of the original Gallery Double T, located near the corner of Spring Street in UpTown Waterloo. Designed for overnight short-term guests who deserve the very best that Waterloo Region has to offer, this unique space fosters a sense of ease, encouraging relaxation in this elegantly appointed suite with a perfect balance of luxury and liveability; a treat in the heart of UpTown Waterloo! Every piece has been carefully selected by Theresa to create a living space that flows around you, triggering your imagination, carefully setting you down in a comfort that you wish was yours. As visitors leave they invariably whisper with wide open eyes the same three letter word... “Wow!”